When To Go

America’s size plays to the traveller’s advantage when it comes to weather: it’s always perfect somewhere in the USA.

The busiest travel season is summer, which typically begins on Memorial Day (the last Monday in May) and ends on Labor Day (the first Monday in September).

The seasons don’t arrive uniformly. Spring (typically March to May) and fall (usually September to November) are often the best travel times, but “spring” in parts of the Rockies and Sierras may not come till June. By then it’s only a sweet memory in Austin, while in Seattle, spring often means rain.

If planned well, winter can mean you have the riches of some American landscapes virtually all to yourself.

Whether you are planning to join the crowds or avoid them, holidays and festivals are factors to think about.

Reservations are essential during peak travel seasons, especially during spring and summer and around major holidays.

For current weather forecast check the Weather Channel www.weather.com.

The National Weather Service www.nws.noaa.gov has an array of radar and satellite maps.