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Discover all America

Our tours across the USA & Canada feature thrilling cities, dramatic landmarks and breathtaking natural beauty. Travel across America to see what makes it so unique.
Rich in geographical and cultural diversity, America is a land infused by worldwide influences, blending together to take on a unique character of its own. From the concrete canyons of its major cities to the natural canyons of its national parks, with a panorama of glorious forests, enticing beaches and small towns, the USA is the premier destination for captivating the "travel experience" of a lifetime. We offer an extensive program of "Discover All America" itineraries, appealing to both first-time and repeat visitors, which explore the great diversity of the United States. We combine cities with natural wonders, beach resort with well-known attractions: all to showcase the best of North America.

Sun and Coasts

The United States contains 95,400 miles of shoreline including outer coast, islands, sounds, bays, rivers, and creeks. From the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf Coast, the Great Lakes, Alaska, Hawaii and Caribbean islands.
Florida and California beaches, whether quiet and secluded or bustling with activity, are ranked among the best in the country for beauty, accessibility and facilities. Families, couples and active singles enjoy year-round sunshine, soft sand and clear Ocean waters. Coast holidays, with pure white sands and crystal clear waters, create the perfect paradise escape and offering complete contrast to the action packed thrills of nearby cities.

American Cities

There are a huge number of unique fabulous cities in America and Canada that absolutely worth a trip.
The Statue of Liberty and White House, Disney World and Hollywood, Broadway and Wall Street - these images come to mind when thinking of the United States. The third largest country in the world has many amazing cities and plenty of natural attractions to put on must-see list. And this list could stretch on forever.

Authentic America

Authentic America is out there. Unique places, activities and events that speak to the real America.
Many states are rich in music, history, heritage, culture, cuisine, scenic highways and family fun set in a scene of natural beauty. Introduce yourself to the authentic American culture.

Nature and Landscapes

The natural resources of America and the breathtaking beauty of the land are the most wondrous reward of all.
Countless experiences await you, from scenic coastlines and mountain ranges to vast prairies, deserts and canyons. America's exciting big cities are matched by the charms of our smaller communities. All showcase the heritage and culture of a great nation. But perhaps America's greatest attraction is the friendly spirit of the American people and the diversity within the nation.

Culture, Heritage and History

Every place in America - rural area, small town, Native American reservation, urban neighbourhood and suburban center - has distinctive cultural and heritage assets.
America’s rich heritage and culture, rooted in its history, creativity and diverse population, provides visitors with a wide variety of cultural opportunities, including museums, historic sites, dance, music, theater, book and other festivals, historic buildings, arts and crafts fairs, neighbourhoods and landscapes.

National Parks

America’s best natural resource is her beauty, and nowhere is that beauty more evident than in the national parks.
North America has an incredible wealth of National Parks and natural attractions, and a seemingly endless appetite for different ways in which to enjoy the Great Outdoors. The National Parks of America offer jaw dropping vistas and adventure you will never forget. The USA has millions of acres of protected outdoors where you can chance upon a bear in the wild, or the spouting of a white hot geyser or marvel at the majesty of the Grand Canyon National Park. The deepest Canyons, the highest peaks, unspoiled verdant forest and pristine deserts are waiting for you to discover. Volcanoes, Geysers, stunning rock formations in all hues and textures will reward the intrepid traveller with great pictures and a lifetime of incredible memories of their National Park visit. Yellowstone National Park, Yosemite National Park, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Arches National Park, Bryce Canyon, Mesa Verde, The Smokies, The Rockies and the hundreds of other familiar-name locations are yours to enjoy.
Canada's wilderness areas are just as awe-inspiring as the National Parks of America. The temperate rainforest of the Pacific Northwest, the Salmon rivers, the impossibly-coloured lakes, the towering majesty of the Canadian Rockies will leave you spell-bound by their natural beauty.

Wild West and Native Americans

Explore the American history of the wild west that produced so many exciting heroes and legends.
Be transported into the wild and wooly past of the American Wild West, its history and legends of cowboys, western cowgirls and pioneer women of the west, guns and other interesting western facts like the Pony Express Mail Delivery, famous outlaws and lawmen and the exciting Gunfight at O.K. Corral which took place in Tombstone, Arizona, a true historical landmark !
Belly up to the bar and have a drink in the saloon; learn about the frontier skirmishes between the pioneers and the Indians, and visit the ghost towns, mining camps and cowtowns on the prairie.

If you don't find the activity of your interest, we can also offer custom tailor made holidays designed for active and adventure travellers, families, young couples, group of friends, honeymoons and more. Please read some ideas below.

North America is one of the most family-friendly holiday destination on earth. The Americans either invented or popularised family rooms, kids meals, theme parks, interactive museums, game rooms, petting zoos, early morning TV cartoons and a thousand more innovations for all the family to enjoy while on holiday. Florida and California, in particular, offer great family holidays with high value car hire, accommodation options, miles of unspoiled beaches and the best of those famous theme parks. We can recommend and arrange every last detail for the holiday that will keep the whole family happy.

We help you plan the perfect occasion, big or small. Whether it’s a beach wedding in Florida, a birthday or anniversary milestone, honeymoon or a family re-union we can roll out the red carpet. We can organise that room with a view, the best seats on Broadway, the perfect dinner table, the stretch limousine that arrives right on time and a hundred other things you just don’t have to worry about with
Many great Christmas and New Year Holidays are also available, and many places offer special holiday deals. Whatever type of New Year holiday you're after, we will make sure you see in the New Year with a bang. Experience a snowy American Christmas holiday with all the traditional trimmings or a barbecue on the beach in the sunshine !

Wine tasting holidays or cooking holidays to destinations in the USA and Canada. More and more holidaymakers are planning their travel around gastronomic experiences and taking food and drink holidays. You can taste your way from the West Coast to the East Coast on food tours offered in large American cities. You not only get a culinary sampling of each region; you'll also get acquainted with the background and culture of various cities and their neighbourhoods. Dining in North America is on a different scale: firstly the portions are outrageous, but more importantly the quality and freshness of the ingredients is first rate. Steaks and superb seafood and shellfish are abundant and fresh, and just wait until you see the dessert menu ! From Alaskan crab, Canadian wild salmon, the wines of the Pacific Northwest and California, Asian "fusion" food in San Francisco, Rocky Mountain or Prairie Oysters to spicy south-western food in New Mexico. Vast juicy steaks and long-neck beers in Texas, Cajun and Creole food in New Orleans, to Key Lime Pie in Florida. Head up the eastern seaboard for astonishing shellfish in Georgia, not forgetting those grits at breakfast and barbeque at dinner, the peach orchards of New Jersey, the delis of New York City, the clam Chowder in Boston and the lobster in Maine. And after that feast you'll probably want coffee - Seattle would be your best bet !
The Canadian restaurant scene is now making a splash on the world stage with many great restaurants in all of Canada's major cities to rival anything in the world. Quebec in particular, with its French heritage seems to be making a major impact. Vancouver is renowned for outstanding fish and seafood.