Tailor Made Self Drive Tours

Indicate the number of rooms and the number of travelers, then create your personalized Self Drive Tour across the USA and Canada and book the hotels online for each location you wish to visit. The system will provide you with step by step directions and distances between each location and create a detailed itinerary on the map. The red markers in the map show you in which locations our system has available hotels.

Select the location by typing it in the Going To box or by zooming in the Map and then clicking on the red marker of the chosen location or of the nearest place that has a marker on the map.
When pushing the “Add Destination and Search Hotel” button, the system will list all the hotels available online for the selected location and dates in the Hotel Search Results section below the map.

On left side of the map the Itinerary & Distances section indicates all the destinations you have selected and the distances between each location. You can remove or modify each part of the tour.

Please note that hotels require that one guest per room be a minimum of 21 years old.
Please note that you cannot create a Self Drive tour in USA and Canada together because hotels prices are in different currencies USD and CAD. If you wish to travel in both countries you need to create two different orders, one in USA only and the other one in Canada only.

Itinerary & Distances

The Hotel Search Results section shows the hotels available online for the chosen location and dates. Select the hotel you wish to book by clicking on the “Book” button.

The booked hotel will be added in the Hotels & Travel Summary section on the left side, where you can see the list of all hotels booked in each destination. You can remove a hotel or make a new search and book a different one.

After you have booked all hotels, please fill in the order form that appears below the Travel Summary. By clicking on the “Proceed Booking” button, you will be automatically directed to your Client Login Area where you will be able to make the payment of the required deposit with credit/debit card.

Please note that you can also book the car directly online and choose the type of car that meets your budget and transportation needs at the following page of our website www.tours-usa.com/car-rental.

Hotel Search Results