American Cities

The Statue of Liberty and White House, Disney World and Hollywood, Broadway and Wall Street - these images come to mind when thinking of the United States. The third largest country in the world has many amazing cities and plenty of natural attractions to put on must-see list. And this list could stretch on forever.

NEW YORK, everybody would agree that New York is one of the most fascinating cities not only in the USA, but in the entire world. The “Big Apple” is best described as the world in one city - whatever your taste, however big or small your budget and whatever your age you will be sure to find plenty to delight, amaze and amuse you.
WASHINGTON DC is the capital city and home of the White House, Pentagon, Supreme Courts and more museums than you can visit in a whole lifetime of holidays.
BOSTON, while New York is defined by its skyline, Boston is distinguished by its vibrant neighborhoods. From the fashionable Back Bay to oldest Beacon Hill to colorful Chinatown to historic North End - all neighborhoods of Boston has its own personality and distinct appeal. A stroll around this old city is like reading an American history textbook.
MIAMI, America’s Riviera with 10 miles of wide white sandy beaches, delightful art deco architecture, trendy hotels, chic restaurants and hot party scene - this is Miami.
ORLANDO being home to the largest amusement park in the world has to be on a list of must-visit in America.
LAS VEGAS, a gambleville with luxury resorts and five star hotels, outstanding dining and acclaimed shows, exclusive spas and world-class golf courses – you have to party in Vegas at least once in a lifetime. Las Vegas’ proximity to unique treasures of nature such as Red Rock and Grand Canyon, Colorado River and Death Valley makes Sin City attractive travel destination not only for party goers but for nature lovers as well.
LOS ANGELES, Hollywood and Beverly Hills, Malibu and Sunset Boulevard – these places have to be on must-visit in America list, and all of them are in Los Angeles. Who wouldn’t like to take a ride down Sunset Boulevard in a convertible or watch sunset on Malibu beach with a glass of California Pinot? If you’ve never done it, you should! Besides famous attractions and intensive nightlife, Los Angeles has great surroundings to explore. Just take a road trip to Santa Barbara and you’ll witness a breathtaking beauty of South California.
SAN FRANCISCO, the citys famous steep hills and trolley cars, astonishing bay views, the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, lively Fishermans Wharf and Chinatown, numerous beautiful gardens and delicious food make San Francisco very unique and the most beautiful city in America. When in San Francisco, take a trip to Napa Valley for a glass of wine or two while enjoying breathtaking scenery of a wine country.

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