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USA Tours by Region
USA Tours - Across all USA

Across all USA

Live the real American dream and inhale the air of freedom. From the coast to the mountains along the vast prairies, deserts, canyons and great cities - become a true American.  More

USA Tours - Capital Region

Capital Region

The capital, seat of the government, cradle of the best museums. Mountains, rivers outdoor programmes - all of that you find in the Capital Region.  More

USA Tours - Great Lakes Region

Great Lakes Region

The largest system of fresh, surface water on Earth. Land of great states, amazing cities and incredible sceneries.  More

USA Tours - Mid-Atlantic Region

Mid-Atlantic Region

Lights of New York, beauty of the countryside, the amazing seashore boardwalk and the casinos of Atlantic City, the iconic Liberty Bell in Philadelphia: this is Mid- Atlantic Region.  More

USA Tours - Midwest and Great Plains Region

Midwest and Great Plains Region

Visit the Great Plains and take a look of this vast high plateau, visit the prairies and watch the cowboys on their ranches. Be a true pioneer, welcome to the frontier!  More

USA Tours - Mountain Region

Mountain Region

Breathtaking scenery with mountains, lakes and many great national parks. Cradle of real cowboys and Indian culture. Home to bison and other wild animals living in these untouched lands.  More

USA Tours - New England Region

New England Region

Sand beaches, rocky coastlines, towering lighthouses, colorful fall foliage and the taste of delicious seafood or crispy blueberry pie. Let New England charm you.  More

USA Tours - Pacific Region (includes Hawaii and Alaska)

Pacific Region (includes Hawaii and Alaska)

Starting with snowy Alaska, following the Pacific coastline along Washington, Oregon and California arriving to Hawaii, including the truly topical paradises of Guam, American Samoa and the Northern Marianas.  More

USA Tours - South Region

South Region

Welcome to the South Region: Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas. True essence of history, nature and rich culture, to be visited all around the year.  More

USA Tours - Southwest Region

Southwest Region

It stretches west from the Gulf of Mexico to the Grand Canyon. It is home to a vibrant mix of Anglo, Latino, Hispanic, and American Indian traditions. A truly interesting and picturesque region to visit. It includes Nevada, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Kansas and Oklahoma.  More

USA Tours - Canada


Home to breathtaking landscapes and thriving cities - Canada is simply amazing in its diversity. From coast to coast, Canada is filled with unexpected wonders that are sure to awaken your inner explorer.  More